5 Must-Try Food Centers in Downtown Core

Also called hawker centers, these places are scattered across Singapore. They are filled with various stalls serving scrumptious yet cheap food; no wonder people flock them. But Downtown Core, by far, has the best food centers of all. Here are five must-try food centers for you to visit:

#1 Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Are you looking for a perfect place to eat affordable and delicious food while enjoying a scenic view? Makansutra Gluttons Bay is the quintessential food center equipped with budget-friendly stalls and a striking view of the Marina Bay. A unique feature of this food hub is their sampler sets. This way, people can taste a delicious dish in one stall but still have room for more.

#2 Lau Pa Sat Food Court

Lau Pa Sat Food Court

This food center amazingly combines stunning architecture and delectable cuisines. Formerly known as Telok Ayer Market, Lau Pa Sat Food Court has 200 indoor stalls serving dishes from different cultures. What’s more exciting is that food stalls in this hawker center offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert.

#3 Amoy Street Food Centre

Amoy Street Food Centre

If you’re ever near the central business district, you need to try the hawker stalls in this food center. Established in 1983, this is the go-to place of office workers during lunchtime because of their affordable prices.

The Amoy Street Food Centre has numerous stalls that have been awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand, which means they serve quality food with good value.

#4 Wild Market

Wild Market

Wild Market turns the idea of a food center up a notch. Innovative, fun, and creative are words that best describe this food hub. Located on the ground floor of Shaw Tower, it has nine unique hawker stalls, each with its signature dishes.

What’s unique about this place is aside from their common space for customers, the Wild Market has other rooms for different purposes. They can accommodate office workers for a business lunch or friends who want to sing their hearts out.

#5 Food Junction

Food Junction

This food center gathers the best and famed local hawker stalls and puts them under one roof. The Food Junction was founded in 1993 and since then offers to revolutionize the dining experience of Singaporeans. Like most of the food centers in this list, this one also serves a mixture of local and international cuisine.


We hope you find the list mouthwatering and helpful. On your next food adventure, don’t forget to go to the food centers listed to have an excellent time with yummy but affordable food. Also, leave a comment when you visited one of the food centers on the list.

The food centers in the list can have the best food in town, and we don’t have an unlimited budget. If you want to indulge yourself more with food, you can check out 365 Credit. It is one of the most trusted lending firms in Singapore, and thankfully Downton Core is minutes away from it.

Here are the directions to get to the 365 Credit office from Downtown Core.

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