Top 6 Places to Eat Near Balestier Road for Less Than $30

Is it possible to spend less than $15 to $30 on food in restaurants near Balestier Road? The short answer is yes. You can even spend below $5 on some dining spots! Check out these six places to save money.

Tomi Sushi

The Japanese restaurant along Thomson Road in Novena Square takes pride in using 100% Niigata Koshihikari Rice, which is the gold standard on Japanese short-grain rice with a firm stickiness and sweet taste. Best of all, the price of set lunches here only costs from $20.

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

For those who want to save more or spend $30 and have more servings, then Craftsmen Specialty Coffee at Goldhill Plaza is a good option with meals starting from $15. The lunch crowd here can be quite overwhelming because of their all-day breakfast menu, including sourdough and croissants. There is also a good selection of flavored and unflavored coffee.

Pig’s Fly

Head to this marketplace-style dining joints at Goldhill Plaza for a wider variety of cuisine. The name of the place can be quite awkward, but Pig’s Fly actually has six stalls dedicated to British, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Western and Thai dishes. Pig’s Fly also doubles as a bar place at night, which is perfect for those who want to grab a drink or two after dinner.

Ramen Monster

You’ll find the restaurant at Velocity @ Novena Square for affordable yet tasty bowls of noodles, which cost from as low as $7.90. Chef Yeo Kian Tiong founded the place with the aim of cooking cheap ramen. Be sure to add Ramen Monster on your to-see list when it is finally safe to dine in at restaurants.

Ah Chew Dessert

Customers go straight to Ah Chew Dessert at Liang Street from the Goldhill Plaza after a full meal. Some of the best-selling items include the store’s version of Hong Kong-based Yee Shun Milk Company’s steamed milk. Customers can only spend below $5 for meals when they visit the restaurant.

Katong Laksa

The restaurant at United Square Shopping Mall originally opened in the Joo Chiat area. Franchising opportunities allowed Katong Laksa to open an outlet in Novena. This is also the best place to be when you only have less than $5 to spend on a decent meal. The Novena outlet, however, does not seem to have the same nostalgic feeling from eating in Katong Laksa’s flagship store along East Coast Road.


Once the circuit breaker ends in Singapore, it becomes more important to save money on food expenses to protect your savings from a possible recession. If you need extra cash, be prepared for emergency expenses by applying for a personal loan with 365 Credit Solutions.

Directions from Balestier Road to 365 Credit Solutions.

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