Top 3 Places to Eat in Stevens Road

Singapore has always been touted as a nirvana for food lovers, and no other place in the city-state embodies this like Stevens Road. This bustling area is home to swanky restaurants, quaint cafes, and dining spots offering hybrid cuisine.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of choices, consider these top three places to eat in Stevens Road:

Wine and Dine at Winestone

If you’re looking for a good place to relax, enjoy delectable food, and indulge in good wine, Winestone is the place for you. This modern European-style restaurant revolves around four key ideas – simplicity, beauty, authenticity, and affordability.

Winestone is known for its Express Platter, a Mediterranean delight full of the freshest vegetables and finest meats. Their Italian Ragout and Grass-Fed Roasted Lamb will also give you a meal you’ll never forget. Diners can wash down these delectable dishes with quality wines at affordable prices.

Eat Like Royalty at the Shang Palace

The Shangri-la Hotel’s Shang Palace holds the distinction of being Singapore’s premier Chinese restaurant. It has held this title for more than four decades now. The restaurant offers a wonderful mix of old and new, with Chef Mok Kit Keung breathing life into dishes that were thought to be “lost” to time.

The Shang Palace is where you can sample gastronomic delights like Deep-fried Whole Boneless Chicken Filled with Glutinous Rice or Sauteed Crabmeat and Egg with Deep-fried Pork Rolls. You can even go back in time with the restaurant’s Nostalgia menu – dishes from old times that are rarely experienced by us common folk.

High Tea at the Rose Veranda

Catch up with friends, enjoy a nice family meal, or simply laze the afternoon away at the Rose Veranda. Located at the Shangri-la Hotel, the restaurant offers the best Asian and European cuisine. Their extensive menu carries everything from Mee Siam to fragrant roasted lamb.

Their Afternoon tea is a nod to tradition and a feast for the seasons. You can tuck into such delicacies like a Japanese Yuzu scented tart, Kyoto Strawberries, or a Norwegian Smoked King Salmon Sandwich. The Rose Veranda also boasts of 101 different tea flavors to choose from.

Stevens Road isn’t all glitz and glamor though. There are food centers, hawker stalls, and hidden gems that offer everything from chapatis, tapas, satays, burgers, pizzas, and fish and chips. You’re never far from what you’re craving for at this place.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Stevens? Share with us your experience in the comments. You can also share this article with friends who are looking for a great dining place.

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