5 Must-Visit restaurants near Farrer Park

Singapore is one of Asia’s gems when it comes to culinary adventure destination. The city is bolstering with food parks and night markets that cater to everyone. I know you truly enjoy the hearty meals and cuisines that are a fusion of Chinese, Malays, Indonesian, and Indian influence. And when it comes to great food, Farrer Park is gradually becoming the talk of the town.

A fantastic dining experience is just one coach away; disembark at Farrer MRT station, and discover one best food hubs that you’ll find in the area. Now, here are some must-visit restaurants around Farrer Park.

Old Hen Coffee Bar

For starters, you would want to try this coffee shop which serves authentic Singaporean coffee, and brunch items. Their bottled Cold Brew Coffee available in both black and white is their best seller. If you’re more into other drinks, their iced Matcha Milk and Cold Dark Cocoa are both a must-try. Pair your drink with Apple Cinnamon Waffles or Avocado on toast, and your brunch is complete.

Hungry Heroes

Your kids (and the kid within you) will truly enjoy the first superhero-themed restaurant and cafe in Singapore. The place acquired licenses from DC, Marvel, and other comics companies to feature various superhero merchandise and memorabilia.

Hungry Heroes’ menu features American diner favorites such as burgers, fries, sausages, sandwiches, and many more.

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

One of the famous hawkers eats spot Farrer Park is  Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice. And the word that best describes their curry rice is,  delightful. You don’t want to miss their succulent crispy porkchop in rich curry sauce over rice.

Yi Zun Noodle

This eatery serves a hearty bowl of authentic beef noodles. Perfect for rainy days, or any weather as well, their Hand-Pulled Noodles with Sliced Beef is highly recommended.

Their noodles are made in house and only to guarantee freshness. The savory beef broth has hints of herbal and served with vegetables and optional chili sauce.

Tingkat PeraMakan

Your trip to Farrer Park will not be complete with the world-famous Beef Rendang, and this restaurant serves one of the best in Singapore. Visitors also come here for their Sambal Sotong and Pork Ribs. Their Durian Chendol and Durian Pengat are both must-tries as well.

Farrer Park is gaining popularity both with the locals and tourists looking for a perfect place to satisfy their taste buds. And the next time you’re going home from work, or want to dine out with your family, you should miss these restaurants as well as other great food places in Farrer Park. 

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