Coolest Nightout Places in Robertson Quay

Spending the night out is one of the best things you can do in Singapore, especially if you’re in Robertson Quay.

Not only does the place boast an exhilarating modern vibe, but it’s also geared towards getting you rid of stress from working the whole day at the office.

If you want to do just that and you’d want to relax at the pub and drink a glass or two alongside your friends, then here are some of the best bars in Robertson Quay to hang out in.


Orihara is a small bar that features all of the things needed to have a good night out with your friends. One of their best sellers is the Japanese Sake along with other Japanese delicacies that are surely going to fill your tummy with delight.

You can also be at ease with their bar as you dine on some cravingly delicious pieces of grilled meat and Japanese tapas. It’s the place to be if you’d like some good ‘ole refreshment.


Then there’s Lantern which is another bar that’s a bit differently beautiful. It’s because it is a rooftop bar that features its own glamorous pool. It’s modern-looking, well-decorated, and gives you a breathtaking view of Singapore’s famous Marina Bay.

They offer a host of sumptuous classy snacks that works great if you pair them with some beer, or perhaps champagne and maybe wine. It’s a must-go place if you’re in Robertson Quay. It’s got a cool and refreshing vibe that goes along smoothly with the chill ambiance of its surroundings. This is your best bet if you want to unwind from a hard day’s work.

Kinki Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Kinki is another bar you might want to go to. It’s a Japanese rooftop bar that has a sleek and modern vibe which is more than enough to fill your enjoyment and relaxation.

You can party the night out at their terrace where a live DJ plays the hottest and trendiest tracks there is. The terrace is also surrounded by a breathtaking view filled with majestic skyscrapers towering over the Singaporean skyline.

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